Solar on school's roof

Solar Electricity Generating Station

We hold a track record for developing the "first of its kind" projects in New Brunswick. The Solar Electricity Generating Station project is no exception, being the first Solar Power Plant connected to NB Power's distribution system under Embedded Generation.

The project had to meet a long list of safety and performance criteria; all the while, being constructed on the side of a hill. Dozens of models with hundreds of configurations were analyzed to determine what would work best. Every person involved with this project had a chance to learn something new. The Utility, Inspectors, Electricians and even Line Crews - we are proud to be able to say that this project was completed by New Brunswicker's and is blazing the trail for communities across the province.

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Solar for Schools

The town of New Maryland decided to take part in leading the province into the renewable energy world. This 10 KW DC project was a pilot to collect data that can be used to support future projects at other schools around the province.


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The Adjustable Solar Wall

The Engineering team at the Saint John Regional Hospital has won awards for its efforts in making it one of the most energy-efficient Hospitals in Canada. The next natural step, of course, would be to produce its own clean electricity.

Designing a system to work on the side of a Penthouse wall that is over 300 feet above sea level presented a bit of a challenge. In fact, this type of system didn't exist on the market anywhere. So of course, we designed one and built it. (Patent Pending)

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Net-Zero Energy on the Farm

After going through efficiency upgrades, this farm is taking the title of the first farm to create as much energy as it consumes throughout the year. It is also the first project in New Brunswick to combine multiple meters - allowing one solar array to offset energy for multiple buildings.

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Solar Panels on roof. Photo voltaic

East/West Residential array

For this customer, it had always been a dream to begin generating electricity independently. The first step along the path to renewables is to reduce your current consumption by installing more efficient systems in your home. After upgrading their heating system to a high-efficiency heat pump and installing a heat pump water heater, their home’s energy consumption dropped, and they were ready to start installing a solar system. The solar array is only producing approximately 50% of their homes current demand but, it is still producing enough to charge their electric vehicle on a daily basis.

The East/West Residential array project helped to gather the necessary data to support the East/West oriented photo-voltaic systems on homes - to have longer production periods over the course of a day.

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Traditional Solar Array for Homes

Once you've had an energy evaluation completed (click here to register), we would design a custom solar array that would yield the highest amount of energy production possible. One of the ways we accomplish this is by using some of the most advanced technology available (such as 400 Watt bi-crystal solar modules).

This traditional solar array is producing 70% of the home’s energy demand.

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Revenue Grade Testing Stations

If your planning to develop larger community size projects, you're going to want to test the site, and technology, which you plan on using long before you start investing.

The Revenue Grade Testing Station is a custom-built testing station that collects data on modules, inverters, angles, weather, and irradiance intensity.

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Micro-Farms in Agriculture

We believe members of the agriculture industry are among the most to benefit from renewable energy.

Our partnerships with organizations like Farm Credit Canada and The Agriculture Alliance of New Brunswick is helping to bring New Brunswick based farmers together to participate in the benefits of group projects - building upon the values of sustainable farming.

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First Certified Net-Zero Energy Home

Net-Zero Energy (NZE) is a term used to describe a building that will produce as much energy as it uses throughout the year.

This Home was the first certified net-zero energy home to be built in New Brunswick and registered with Natural Resources Canada. Our part of this project was to design and install all the electrical, mechanical and renewable components (including a state-of-the-art power bank, electric vehicle charging station, and a hybrid heating system). All of this was designed to meet strict government regulations - and connects directly to the power grid.

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Testing Tesla

We wouldn't be a leading edge renewable energy developer if we didn't test out Tesla products in our community.

This Powerwall was the second unit to be installed in New Brunswick and the last Powerwall version 1 installed in Canada.

Check back soon for more exciting announcements.

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Lithium-Ion Storage

The Lithium-Ion Storage system has a small footprint but, has 20-KW of capacity and packs a massive punch as far as energy storage.

We are continuously exploring and testing products like this to ensure they can withstand our harsh environment. Along with a long list of requirements needed to connect to the electrical grid. It is systems like this one that supports the transition to micro-grid communities.

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EV Charging

As demand for Electric vehicles continues to grow, so does the need for charging them. We've installed several EV Charging Stations around the province and look forward to seeing more people make the switch.

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Commercial Flat Roof

This is what is known as East-West racking for a typical commercial roof space and is another one of our testing models located in Saint John, N.B. The data that is being collected supports larger projects in the future.