What is an energy study?

An energy study is your first step in becoming energy efficient. Whether you are looking to reduce your power bill or install solar panels, it all starts with an energy study.

Our team carries out a process where the behavior of energy is put under the microscope and allows you to identify the exact costs associated with every item in your facility that impact the use of energy. In other words, it is a detailed study of your energy usage, associated costs and analysis of potential solutions.


 Who should have this study completed?

Any facility that requires energy to operate. Including, but not limited to, office buildings, restaurants, banks, retail stores, car washes, manufactures, schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, institutions and farms.


 When should you have it performed?

The top 6 reasons you know when to perform an energy study:

  1. Your energy costs are high.
  2. You are noticing other organizations around the world implementing renewable energy and you'd like to know what your options are.
  3. You are interested in tax incentives and government grants that would help you reduce your operating costs.
  4. You are planning to perform renovations to your facility and want to know what technology will cost you the least to operate.
  5. You had an energy audit completed in the past and wish to update the study using renewable energy as an option.
  6. You are considering switching the type of fuel you are using.

Oil and natural gas prices are expected to continue climbing while insurance and O&M costs for the equipment are also likely to rise faster than the cost of electricity. If your facility is using oil or gas, you should consider switching to electricity. We can help.

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 Why is this program becoming popular?

  • The Provincial and Federal Government now provide incentives towards the energy study, energy efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy.
  • The Federal Government provides a tax credit towards your renewable energy investment.
  • Environmental responsibility is becoming a way of life and businesses have an opportunity to show their clients what type of values their business lives up to.
  • Business owners wish to reduce their energy costs.

Once you receive your comprehensive energy report, you would then choose the energy upgrades that will bring you closer to running a more energy efficient property. For more information on this process visit our Energy Management page.

 The Energy Study will help you make informed decisions - not to mention provide you access to government incentives!

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