Whole-Home Energy Care Program. Energy, Efficiency, Safety, Maintenance

By Mark Mcaloon on Jun 22, 2017 5:34:00 PM

Do you know what the critical energy devices are in your home? Chances are that no one has ever described them to you or provided a maintenance manual. Every system in your home requires routine maintenance to ensure optimal efficiency, longer life, safety and peace of mind.

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Paying more on your power bill than your neighbour?

By Mark Mcaloon on Jun 22, 2017 9:31:00 AM

Are you one of the people receiving letters from NB Power comparing your energy usage to your neighbors? You’re not alone. 125 000 people in fact are due to receive this letter breaking down home energy use and comparing it to other households in the neighborhood.

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Protect everything with one device_whole home electrical surge protector

By Mark Mcaloon on Jun 21, 2017 1:07:36 PM

Whole-Home Electrical Surge Protection

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The Lungs of your Home:

By admin on Jun 19, 2017 1:05:59 PM

Ever walk down the stairs in a house and feel like you're walking into the rainforest? Have you ever noticed condensation building up on windows or toilet bowls? How about black stuff building up in corners of rooms or on window ledges? You may be witnessing the results of improper air ventilation… the lung system of your home.

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Why everyone is in LOVE with the Tesla Powerwall and YOU should be too!

By admin on May 1, 2017 10:17:40 AM

When Elon Musk announced the Tesla Powerwall in May 2015, many people were excited about the home battery system for storing electricity. According to Musk, a homeowner with enough solar panels and the Powerwall could go off the power grid and ditch electric cables. It’s an ideal power solution for people who live in remote areas, said Musk.1

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Rebate programs for Commercial

By admin on Mar 22, 2017 6:41:57 PM

Contact us for more information on available programs.
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Navigating Solar Incentives in Atlantic Canada

By admin on Mar 20, 2017 8:13:21 PM

Maybe you’ve already given some thought to installing solar panels at your office or your home, but weren’t sure how to get started. Or maybe you assumed that the installation cost would be too expensive.

You’re not alone in your concerns. But the good news is that every year, New Brunswick relies a little more on electricity that has been generated by renewable sources, and it could be time for you to join our community of green energy generators.

In the interest of growing this eco-friendly electricity movement, there are a couple of solar power incentive programs that could make getting set up for solar energy more affordable for residents of New Brunswick.

If you meet the required qualifications, you can take advantage of these programs:

For Commercial Buildings:

  • Energy Smart Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program – This program offers up to $3,000 toward an energy efficiency upgrade evaluation of your commercial building and up to $75,000 in project costs for an energy retrofit that will result in measurable savings of electricity.

For Residential Buildings:

  • NB Power Net Metering Program – This program gives NB Power customers the option to connect their own private solar energy source to the NB Power distribution system. This way, customers can generate their own electricity when possible, offsetting their consumption level, and still be able to rely on the larger system if they need to.

Solar power is clean, smart, simple energy, and New Brunswick is a prime location to get the most out of solar panels, receiving more solar light than either Germany or Nova Scotia. We feel it’s time for us to shift the solar tide in our direction, installing more solar panels, generating more green energy and making a real environmental difference.

Looking for additional financial options? – – > Call NexGen Energy at (506) 849-3001 to see about some financing options.

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Rebate programs for Home Owners:

By admin on Mar 8, 2017 1:32:35 PM

NexGen works under direction of the SMART habits residential program with NB Power. This program allows homeowners access to rebates of $500 towards a qualified heat pump or insulation upgrades.

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What’s your Smart Energy Potential?

By admin on Mar 8, 2017 1:22:32 PM

By gathering all the essential information about your home, the architecture and the devices that use energy, we can help you identify the best options for Smart-Energy upgrades.

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Building Canada’s Future: How To Finance Your Sustainable Home

By admin on Feb 1, 2017 3:49:31 AM

Sustainably built and energy-efficient homes have numerous benefits for both owners and their communities.

From a cozy and healthier living environment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and lower financial burdens of maintenance, more and more Canadians are turning to eco-homes to build a better future.

Owning this dream may be easier for many to achieve with various types of funding and assistance available for eco-home buyers.

Canada’s Mortgage and Housing Corporation offers a Green Home Mortgage Loan Insurance with a premium refund of up to 25 percent for borrowers as an incentive to build, renovate or buy energy efficient properties through CMHC insured financing. Homes under the CMHC’s plan must meet the building standards of Built Green Canada, ENERGY STAR, GreenHouse, GreenHome, LEED Canada for Homes, Novoclimat, or Power Smart for New Homes.

TD Canada Trust has also just launched their Green Mortgage and Green Home Equity Line of Credit which combines green home improvements with home borrowing or home equity lines of credit. Their five-year fixed rate Green Mortgage or five-year fixed portion Green HELOC is offered at a rate discount of one percent for both new and existing customers. TD Canada Trust ups the ante with a cash rebate up to one percent for customer purchases of ENERGY STAR appliances for the home.

For those looking to renovate their existing property to include renewable energy sources and appliances, ScotiaBank offers EcoEnergy Financing. This funding covers energy projects which are incentivized by local power authority or provincial governments to install solar, wind or water power or bio-energy sources in the home. Scotia will provide financing for up to 100 percent of start-up costs including machinery and appliances, installation and grid hook-up.

In an effort to make green living more attainable the Royal Bank of Canada’s Environmental Blueprint features their environmental products, services, and advice. This includes the RBC’s Energy-Saver Loan, which gives customers a one percent discount or $100 Home Energy Audit rebate on environmentally friendly purchases and fixed interest rate installment loans over $5,000. Their Energy-Saver Mortgage also provides a $300 rebate on a Home Energy Audit.

Finally, the Bank of Montreal has also incorporated more eco-friendly products and practices into their offering. With their Eco Smart Mortgage which provides a five-year fixed closed mortgage to homeowners who meet the sustainable and eco-friendly criteria.

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