New Brunswick's most experienced sustainable energy developer with both Engineering and Construction teams. We just keep learning, sharing, growing, building.... 


We help business and industry navigate their options to a sustainable energy future.


All of New Brunswick and some of our neighbors.




By providing the information you need that creates a pathway to sustainable energy.


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 Why is the Sustainable Energy Program becoming popular?

  • With energy costs on the rise and our climate on people's minds, you need a team who can help you navigate your options. Our experience and pioneering projects have made us leaders in this space. 
  • The Provincial and Federal Government provide incentives towards the energy study, energy efficiency upgrades, and renewable energy.
  • The Federal Government provides a tax credit towards your renewable energy investment.
  • Environmental responsibility is becoming a way of life and businesses have an opportunity to show their clients what type of values their business lives up to.
  • Business owners wish to reduce their energy costs.

Once you receive your comprehensive energy report, you would then choose the energy upgrades that will bring you closer to running a more energy efficient property. For more information on this process visit our Energy Management page.

 The Energy Study will help you make informed decisions - not to mention provide you access to government incentives!

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