What is energy analytics?

A process where the behavior of energy is put under the microscope and allows us to identify the exact costs associated with every item that requires electricity to operate.


Who should have their energy usage analyzed?

Any facility that requires energy to operate. Including, but not limited to, all buildings, manufactures, schools, hospitals, municipalities, ice rinks, farms and any size business.


When should you consider having it done?

 When you:
  • Wish to reduce the cost of their energy bills.
  • Wish to support a clean environment for our future generations or want to increase their social responsibility status. (brand elevation, triple bottom line, B-Corp.)
  • Plan to perform renovations to their facility.
  • Plan to upgrade a heating system, lighting system or manufacturing process.
  • Have not had an energy audit completed within the past five years. (Energy management technology has advanced significantly since that time.)
  • Wish to switch the type of fuel they are currently using. 

Did you know, oil prices are expected to continue climbing while insurance and O&M costs for the equipment are also likely to rise faster than the cost of electricity. If your facility is using oil, you should consider switching from fuel to electricity.

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Why should you consider having it done / how would you benefit from it?

  • Environmental responsibility. (Your level of environmental responsibility can directly impact the public perception of your business and your brand.)
  • To reduce your energy expenses.
  • To stabilize future energy expenses by being able to understand and predict energy costs, versus having unpredictable energy costs increases.
  • The federal government offers tax incentives towards renewable energy projects.
  • The provincial government provides rebates towards energy audits, energy efficiency upgrades, and solar production.
  • We offer a competitive advantage over our competitors by A: being able to "broadcast your efforts towards a sustainable future" B: increasing the real-estate value of your property by having a comprehensive report on the energy performance of your facility.

Once you receive your comprehensive energy report, you would then choose the energy upgrades that will bring you closer to running a more energy efficient property. For more information on this process visit our Energy Management page.

 Knowing where all your energy is going will help you make informed decisions - not to mention provide you access to government incentives!

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